Unforgettable Holidays in and around a medieval hilltop village in Southern Tuscany
Turn your dreams into the reality of a truly memorable Tuscan getaway.


Sagra del Tordo (the thrush)

This festival takes place on the last weekend of October with drums, trumpets, and a parade in medieval costume on Saturday, followed by a day-long feast in the castle on Sunday. This feast is open to the public and includes all sorts of food, including of course, roast thrushes accompanied by the local wines. During the morning the festival rolls out with a costume parade, where trumpets are blown and Read the full article…

The Festival of the Rooster in Montalcino

The Festival of the Rooster – hundreds of chickens are grilled over hot coals on a spit doused with litres of local wine. And there is folk dancing and a Druzzola competition – the “Game of the Wheel” (La Druzzola) is a traditional game played in medieval costumes. It involves throwing the druzzola, a circular piece of olive wood on a sting.

Jazz and Wine in Montalcino

The 2014 dates are not finalised yet but there is an impressive line up of musicians for music and Brunello in this famous hilltop town. The concerts take place in the courtyard of Montalcino’s fortress in mid-July. It can be chilly so bring a jumper – blankets are available at the bar! For a table reservation contact info@prolocomontalcino.it or call +39 0577 849 331.